Approximately 2,000 patients are treated in 5 state-of-the-art neurosurgical OR's, two of which are equipped with intra-operative MRI's. All types of neurosurgical procedures including awake craniotomies, vascular and complex spinal procedures as well as interventional neuroradiology procedures are performed on a regular basis. Innovative techniques such as intra operative MRI laser guided surgery for intra-cranial tumors are constantly been developed in our operative theaters placing our overall neurosurgical teams at the forefront of a new area. Furthermore, our close association with the Neuro Intensive Care Unit, a 20-bed, PET scan equipped facility allows us to give to our patients seamless care throughout their entire peri-operative period. Three faculty specializing in Neuroanesthesia cover this activity. We also provide a fellowship program in Neuroanesthesia for the education and training of CA2 and CA3 residents. Our main focus for investigation is monitoring for cerebral ischemia, epilepsy surgery and electro-encephalography/corticography and post operative vision loss.