Department Faculty


Laura Cavallone, MD


Research Interests

Since 1989. as a medical student at the Universita’ degli Studi in Milan, Dr. Cavallone had an interest in research in the field of nociception, and was involved in a series of studies in rats, aimed to characterize neuronal clusters in selected mesencephalic nuclei and identify their connections within nociceptive pathways. Since 2004, as a Faculty of the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University, she has been involved in a basic science research project on the molecular basis of nociception and neuroplasticity of CNS in mice. Currently Dr. Cavallone is focusing on a research project aimed to translate in human the results of a series of pre-clinical studies in mice on the possible role of glutamate metabotropic receptor 5 antagonists in the treatment of inflammatory pain (PI Dr. Robert Gereau). As a clinical researcher Dr. Cavallone also has an interest in perioperative management and anesthesia for ENT and Head and Neck surgery, and in difficult airway management. In 2009 she worked on a study aimed to evaluate the incidence of postoperative cardiovascular events in the ENT/Head and Neck surgical population after major resective surgery (PI Dr. Peter Nagele), now awaiting publication. Recently she has been involved in a multicenter project aimed to establish a set of guidelines for the clinical management of the threatened airway in the hospital setting.