Dual CCM/ACTA Fellowship Overview

Dual training in Critical Care Medicine (CCM) and Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology (ACTA) provides a VERY powerful skill set.  Dual fellowship training is becoming a more popular pathway among applicants.  This training pathway has been particularly popular at Washington University in St. Louis / Barnes-Jewish Hospital, 75% of the ACTA fellows in the past 5 years have completed prior fellowship training (typically CCM).   Indeed, we find applicants who have chosen to pursue dual fellowship training in CCM and ACTA are among the most highly sought after.

Though these fellowships enjoy close collaboration and many mutual faculty, they are separate ACGME fellowship training pathways and are completed sequentially (our preference is for CCM to precede ACTA fellowship training).  In an effort to streamline the application process one application may be completed with the SF Match for either the CCM or the ACTA program.  We will share the application information with all relevant parties.