Jerry Morrissey, Professor of Anesthesiology, Awarded Bear Cub Grant

Apr 27, 2012

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Washington University in St. Louis has awarded five Bear Cub fund grants totaling $190,000 to support innovative research that has shown commercial potential.

The fund, made up of endowment income and capital from private sources, is administered through the university’s Office of Technology Management and helps scientists further develop their technology. Bear Cub grants support innovative translational research not normally backed by federal grants.

“Many technologies developed at the University have commercial potential,” said Samuel Stanley, M.D., vice chancellor for research. “But there’s often a gap in funding between innovation in the laboratory and the development of a commercial product. The Bear Cub Fund can help provide researchers with the funding they need to demonstrate that their technology has commercial value.”

Jerry Morrissey, a professor of Anesthesiology, was one of the five grant recipients.

Morrissey and colleagues are developing rapid tests for the early detection of kidney cancer and to monitor patients for the recurrence of the disease and metastases. They had identified a pair of proteins excreted in the urine that have the potential to detect about 90 percent of all kidney cancers.

The research team will now validate the tests using monoclonal antibody-based assays in urine samples of patients who are known to have kidney cancer, and compare their results to those in patients with non-cancerous kidney diseases and in healthy patients.

This story originally appeared in The Record.

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