Karanikolas to give lecture at the 31st Annual ESRA Congress

Aug 23, 2012

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Menelaos Karanikolas, assistant professor of anesthesiology, was recently honored with the Albert Van Steenberge award. As part of the award, Dr. Karanikolas will be giving the Albert Van Steenberge Honorary lecture on September 6th at the 2012 ESRA Congress in Bordeaux, France.

Karanikolas received the award in part because of his article entitled “Optimized perioperative analgesia reduces chronic phantom limb pain intensity, prevalence, and frequency: a prospective, randomized, clinical trial.” This article was published in May 2011 issue ofAnesthesiologySee this article at PubMed.

“This article was chosen for its relevance in its contribution to the practice of regional anesthesia,” said Prof. Jose De Andres, ESRA General Secretary.

To learn more about the 2012 ESRA Congress, visit the event website.

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