Center for the Study of Itch Symposium

Aug 24, 2012

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The Washington University Center for the Study of Itch will hold its first itch symposium on Friday, September 28th. The title of the Symposium is Scratching the Surface: Frontier in Itch from Skin to Brain. Below is information about the event. More information can be found by visiting the Itch Symposium Website.

Target Audience
This live activity is designed for dermatologists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, internal medicine physicians, research scientists, advance practice nurses and all allied health professionals involved in the care and treatment of patients with chronic itch.

Learning and Perfomance Objectives
The intended results of this activity are to increase knowledge, to spur discussion and to engage clinical and basic scientists to exchange information and ultimately: a) Improve the competence of practitioners who care for chronic itch patients, b) Educate basic scientists regarding the clinical challenges in caring for patients with chronic itch, c) Instigate new ideas for research in itch that ultimately translate into newer, effective treatments resulting in enhanced patient care and improved outcomes. At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Clinical Objectives

Classify pruritic patients into the correct diagnostic category.
Summarize the different subtypes of pruritus.
Describe ways to quantify the burden of itch.
Recognize factors that predict quality of life impact of itch.
Formulate itch assessment tools.
Discuss brain imaging and top down modulation.
Implement current basic strategies in patients with chronic itch based upon the inciting etiologies.

Basic Science Objectives

Recognize animal models that differentiate between itch and pain.
Discuss the peripheral neural events that accompany experimentally produced allergic contact dermatitis.
Identify spinal and trigeminal neural circuits processing itch and pain signals.
Discuss the roles of Mrgs, PARs and TLRs in itch and potential therapeutic application.

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