Evers and Kharasch Co-Author Anesthetic Pharmacology Textbook

Jul 13, 2011

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Congratulations to Alex S. Evers, MD and Evan Kharasch, MD, PhD for their recently published book in conjunction with Mervyn Maze, MB, ChB from the University of California, San Francisco. Anesthetic Pharmacology, Basic Principles and Clinical Practice, Second Edition has been in progress for quite some time, and is published by the Cambridge University Press. From the Cambridge University Press website:

In recent years our understanding of molecular mechanisms of drug action and interindividual variability in drug response has grown enormously. Meanwhile, the practice of anesthesiology has expanded to the preoperative environment and numerous locations outside the OR. Anesthetic Pharmacology: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice, second edition, is an outstanding therapeutic resource in anesthesia and critical care: Section 1 introduces the principles of drug action, Section 2 presents the molecular, cellular and integrated physiology of the target organ/functional system and Section 3 reviews the pharmacology and toxicology of anesthetic drugs. The new Section 4, Therapeutics of Clinical Practice, provides integrated and comparative pharmacology and the practical application of drugs in daily clinical practice. Edited by three highly acclaimed academic anesthetic pharmacologists, with contributions from an international team of experts, and illustrated in full colour, this is a sophisticated, user-friendly resource for all practitioners providing care in the perioperative period.

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