HHS leaders visit Department of Anesthesiology Moron-Concepcion lab

HHS leaders visit Department of Anesthesiology Moron-Concepcion lab

Leaders from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) visited the Washington University Medical Campus Sept. 20 to hear about strategies to address the opioid crisis.

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Athiraman Receives Grants to Study Anesthetic Conditioning

Dr. Athiraman receives three research grants to study anesthetic conditioning

The research grants will study the role of nitric oxide synthase in isoflurane conditioning for subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)-induced delayed cerebral ischemia and the role of isoflurane conditioning on cognitive function following SAH.

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Two Informaticians Join Anesthesiology

Two Informaticians Join the Department of Anesthesiology and I2 as Faculty Members

Joanna Abraham and Thomas Kannampallil will be the first joint faculty members in the Washington University Anesthesiology Department (WUDA) and the Institute for Informatics (I2).

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Fellows Awarded IARS Grants

Two Anesthesiology Research Fellows Awarded IARS Grants

The IARS Mentored Research Awards support investigations that will further the understanding of clinical practice in anesthesiology and related sciences. Up to four research projects are selected annually, with a maximum award of $175,000 each.

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Department of Anesthesiology Global Health Initiative

Saad Syed teaching at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi.

Sarah Alber, Chris Davies, and Tom Cox collaborating with residents at Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Partnerships across the world

It is important for the Washington University Department of Anesthesiology and the training programs we host to continually explore and develop long-term global partnerships that provide mutually beneficial, unique educational opportunities for our students, trainees, faculty and staff. Our international programs will focus on improving patient safety through education and implementation of quality improvement initiatives in partnership with our host countries. We hope this initiative will prove to be an innovative model for future global health partnerships.